CVT Transmission Assembly Line

Demonstration product: CVT transmission assembly line

Product info: the line includes AGV material transportation, component pre-assembly, part sub-assembly, main assembly line and test line, to complete CVT transmission assembly from component to complete transmission, with critical process such as transmission press, tightening, measurement, air leakage test, torque check, engagement and test.

Project composition: Case sub-assembly line, Cover sub-assembly line, Clutch sub-assembly line, Axis sub-assembly line, VB sub-assembly line, SLB sub-assembly line, Preload pre-assembly line, final assembly line and test line 

Technology Highlights

  • AGV auto docking technology

  • Auto feeding technology,

    auto long bolt loading technology

  • Robot fuzzy gripping technology

  • Overhead transportation technology

  • Shim measurement & selection technology

  • Auto long bolt loading technology