Company Profile
Dalian Haosen Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in intelligent production line and intelligent equipment integration, which includes planning, R&D, design, assembly, debugging & integration, sales, service and turn-key engineering of intelligent production lines. Currently, the company's main business focuses on the automotive industry, involving new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles. Haosen takes up an area of 160,000 square meters with a building area of 140,000 square meters, and has established subsidiaries or branches in Changzhou, Jiangsu(China), Shenzhen,Guangdong(China), Pune(India),Michigan(USA),Frankfurt,Main(Germany) and Győr(Hungary).
Mission Statement
“Benefit mankind by providing excellent products and services”
Vision Statement
“To be the most trusted service provider for lean, efficient and flexible manufacturing by providing consistent and high-quality automated, informationized and intelligent products and services, and eventually achieve a win-win for the society, customers, employees, and the company.”
Value Proposition
  • Customer First

    To help customers succeed is what upholds and drives Haosen.
    Haosen's customer-first approach guides everything we do.
    Full understanding of customers' needs, is the reason we are able to create high value-added products and become a long-term strategic partner trusted by our customers.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is a key value at Haosen, and the basic requirement in the way we handle our business and employee behaviors. When facing problems and challenges, be honest and grounded, don't exaggerate, avoid, cover up or lie about problems.
    The best way to resolve any issue is to honestly make an all-out effort and fulfill your promise.

  • Collaboration

    Always think with the bigger picture in mind when dealing with critical issues at critical moments. Don't see issues as individual problems but instead dig to the root of the issue. 
    Be open-minded towards other people's ideas, and make an effort to let others understand yours.
    Seek common ground while reserving differences with an open and understanding attitude to achieve win-win results.

  • Excellence

    We must stay competitive in our core ability, professional services and specialties to pursue excellence. 
    From "small project" to "wider application" and then to "the entire system", we aim to achieve a systematic and overall development in every aspect; and continuously improve ourselves by firmly applying our beliefs into our actions.
    Uphold craftsmanship and purse excellence. Always maintain the passionate pursuit of supreme quality.